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Programs and Pricing

Session Packages and Monthly Memberships

At My Strength Studio, we offer both session package options and monthly training options to cater to each individual. On a per session price, we range from $41-$72 per session, depending on the goals of the individual and the package/monthly option selected.

We also offer an attractive referral incentive program. We have literally built our company on client referrals. When a client experiences positive life change from a 20 minute workout, they want to tell their friends and family about it!

There are many things to consider when evaluating a fitness program. At My Strength Studio, you can expect the following:

Your Personal Trainers are professionally trained to safely and effectively teach you how to exercise properly, customize your workout plan to reach your goals, and provide accountability when the program gets difficult. They carry themselves in a professional, personable, and respectable manner. They are highly educated and effective communicators who can draw out your best effort and performance with each workout.

At My Strength Studio, it’s all about you. You are the focus. Not your personal trainer. We take the time to get to know you and your goals, and make sure that our methods are effective to reach and exceed those goals.

We go to extensive lengths to recruit, hire and train the right people to join our team so that your experience is uncompromising.

Your Results

When you strength train at My Strength Studio, you’re going to be asked to train with a high level of effort. We provide the perfect combination of protocol, environment, and equipment so you can get the best results possible.

Your Time

We focus on getting your results in the least amount of time possible. Why? Because there’s more to life than exercise. We give you the results you want AND free up hours of your precious time each week. What would you do with an extra 3-7 hrs of spare time every week?

Your Safety

Our #1 priority is keeping you safe while working out. It should be common sense that you shouldn’t risk your health while pursuing greater health. We take notice of the smallest discrepancies during your strength training session so you workout with perfect form. Perfect form keeps you safe and allows you to get the most from your workout.

At My Strength Studio, we have extremely safe methods for administering exercise to our clients. As proof, consider our track record. Of the tens of thousands of sessions performed by clients who apply our instruction, we’ve had zero incidents of injury.


Programs and Pricing

My Strength Studio can customize a group plan for companies and its employees. Please contact us if you want your workforce to become stronger, healthier, more energetic, and more productive. We do this extremely efficiently and without wrecking your employees in the process.

We will work with you to create a plan that meets your company’s specific needs.

Unhealthy employees are generally less productive than healthy employees. Employees and co-workers who can’t work at their full potential are a source of loss for companies. Not only do employers need to care about the health of their workforce, co-workers should care as well. If an employee or a co-worker is not performing at a high level, it affects everyone.

But it’s not just about reducing sick days.

Sick days are a huge expense and hassle for the workforce. Nobody wins. So if you can reduce sick days by encouraging employees and co-workers to be healthier, that’s great! But, companies also need to be aware of “presenteeism”--unhealthy employees who come to work and cost their companies a lot of money due to lost productivity.

So if you want to enhance your workplace and boost the morale and productivity of your company, let us help in that process. You can create the most energetic and productive workforce by using our extremely safe and efficient strength training program. We’ve performed tens of thousands of sessions aimed at getting people to get strong, lean, fit, energetic, and more productive.

Contact us to learn more about our Corporate training plans at My Strength Studio.

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